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CMC Food Thickening Agent Water Retention E466 Food Additive

CMC Food Thickening Agent Water Retention E466 Food Additive

CMC Food Thickening Agent

Food Thickening Agent

E466 Food Additive

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSSC22000, BRCS,HALAL

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E466 Food Additive
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CMC Food Additive Viscosifier, Preserving Shape,Retaining Freshness, Emulsifying And Thickening And Water Retention


Dongying Linguang was established in 2010 in Donying, Shandong Province China. We are the professional manufacturer of CMC (Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) and PAC (Poly anionic cellulose) in China. Output reaches 20000 metric tons per year.We take great pride in our product quality and have been working with top Clients for years. We are ISO9001,ISO14001, ISO22000 and HACCP,BRC,Halal and FSSC 22000 certified company.


We supply Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose of various grades. Such as used in Food, Textile, ceramic, petroleum, oil drilling fluid,toothpaste, cosmetic, battery, medicine and so on. So in order to serve you better, please answer the following questions so that we can share more accurate information for your perusal.


We have the support of our own business network in 10 countries, with a team of technical assistants in each region, focused on developing solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.


We have specialized in providing direct assistance and developing products to supply the industry based on our more than 14 years of experience and on the knowledge of our Research, Development and Innovation Departments, with the cooperation of our more than 300 collaborators.

Cellulose Gum is a water-soluble stabilizer and thickener for different food related applications.


Having being derived from natural cellulose, Cellulose Gum is available in high purity; min. 99,5% complying with national and international regulations, it fulfills GMO-free requirements and comes with Halal, Kosher and FSSC 22000 certified.


When it is Food or Beverages, the question is how the cellulose gum can improve the final product properties and this is mostly related to the viscosity of the product in use.


The grades and functionality of the CMC can be tailored for specific uses such as for battery, pharmaceutical, food and personal care applications.

By choosing the right type of CMC, end users can achieve the desired rheology for any aqueous system.

Cellulose Gum is available in different ranges of viscosity; low, medium and high. Cellulose Gum is available with viscosities between 10 to 10.000 cps with various particle sizes in granular, powder or ultra-powder. Specific grades are also available upon request thanks to our R&D abilities and experienced team.


Applications Functions
Food Industry Used as a thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier. Examples include ice cream, salad dressings, sauces, and dairy products where it prevents fat separation and improves texture.
Pharmaceutical Industry Used as a binder, disintegrant, and film-former in tablets. Also used in wound care dressings due to its water-absorbing properties.
Personal Care Incorporated into lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, and cosmetics for its rheological properties and to improve the feel and spreadability of products.



Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) (466) is a cold soluble hydrocolloid and is used for thickening and stabilising agent. CMC provides a rich, creamy mouthfeel with a clean taste.


Acid milk drinks Prevents phase separation, protects milk protein and improves mouth feel.
Instant Cocoa drink Improves mouth feel and stabilises emulsion. Fat replacement.
Ice Cream & sorbets Controls ice crystal growth, reduces meltdown. Viscosity control.
Cheese spreads Fat and milk protein replacement. Improved yield. Syneresis prevention.
Yoghurt Fruit preparations Milk protein protection. Syneresis prevention. Viscosity control.
Syrups and toppings Viscosity control and flow management.
Bakery products Improved freeze-thaw stability, Staling control, Improved air cell structure and texture
Soups and sauces Protein protection. Viscosity control. Freeze-thaw stability.
Marinades and dressings Protein protection. Viscosity control. Suspension of insoluble material.
Alcoholic liqueurs Thickening and stabilisation. Protein protection. Viscosity control.
Ground meat emulsions Improves succulence and yield. Prevents shrinkage upon cooking.

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